Affiliate Marketing, the Eastern European Perspective

March 3, 2017 Opinion

*this article was first published on It is a known fact that affiliate marketing is underperforming in Romania, but has the potential to more than double its value in five years from now. The growth will depend on how fast things evolve, how well the affiliate networks will educate the market and how soon the advertisers will switch to a performance-based approach. There is a serious need to have various types of affiliates active. Being a market where PPCRead More

How Affiliate Became the Second Paid Revenue Stream in 6 Months

March 2, 2017 Performance Marketing

*this article was first published on Geno Prussakov blog, is the biggest online travel agency in Romania. The business grew very fast from €115,000 turnover in 2007 to €5,300,000 in 2010 and €55,000,000 turnover in 2016 but, the affiliate program did not follow this growth rate at all. In 2015, the airline market value grew by 15% due to the rapid expansion of air travel routes and also because of the very poor road conditions and the underdevelopment ofRead More

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